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COMM Next Arrivals Pt.4 by ViralJP
COMM Next Arrivals Pt.4
Knuckles the Echidna © SEGA
Rouge the Bat © SEGA

Commissioned for and written by :iconzeo-fawx:.

This is part 4 of 6 for a comic commission.

After delivering a supposed hard punch to the stork bot, Knuckles immediately feels a large surge of pain mere seconds later. Rouge can't help but laugh at his expense, but her laughter is soon cut short once she notices two other stork bots taking away the Master Emerald. Rouge rushes toward the altar and pursues the mechanical aviary threat taking her treasure. Just as she leaps into the air to chase after them, she begins falling due to her wings not working as they used to. To make matters even worse. An open cloth much like the one she and Knuckles avoided was awaiting her descent. Not long after, the female spy was captured upon her drop and taken by another stork bot. Knuckles takes notice and runs to her aid while ignoring the first stork bot who began retrieving its metal tongue.
COMM Next Arrivals Pt.3 by ViralJP
COMM Next Arrivals Pt.3
Knuckles the Echidna © SEGA
Rouge the Bat © SEGA

Commissioned and written by :iconzeo-fawx:.

This is part 3 of 6 of a comic commission.

Upon their surprise, Rouge and Knuckles were surrounded by a mysterious gas that engulf the Master Emerald altar and the pillars around the area. Along with the white gas, several stork bots landed nearby while the guardian and spy were caught coughing from the substance near them. The two regain composure and prepared to fight off these flying metal menaces. Suddenly, one stork bot attempted to capture them in a cloth. Fortunately, Rouge dives toward Knuckles and pushes him out of the way while avoiding the robotic bird's attack. The cloth attached to the stork bot's metallic cable tongue gets caught on a nearby pillar, thus leaving the metal bird vulnerable to a powerful punch by Knuckles. However, a sudden crack is made as the echidna lands a hard punch on the bot's head.
COMM Next Arrivals Pt.2 by ViralJP
COMM Next Arrivals Pt.2
Knuckles the Echidna © SEGA
Rouge the Bat © SEGA

Commissioned by :iconzeo-fawx:.

This commission is 2 of 6 of a comic commission.

A few days have passed, and no sign of Sonic or Sally has been brought up. Knuckles is doing his normal guardian duties on Shrine Isle at Angel Island, but he is soon awoken by Rouge. The female spy mentions the news of Sally's absence, and Sonic's disappearance is also concerning. However, a large shadow is soon cast upon the two as the finish descending the altar stairs.
Working on commission comic page 2 - 4 for :iconzeo-fawx: and commission for :iconwindycitypuma:.


We need muffins! >:U
United States
A fellow artist amongst the masses.

Favourite genre of music: metal
Favourite style of art: Anime and manga
Favourite cartoon character: Foamy the squirrel
Greetings everyone,

As the journal states, commissions are now open for those interested. Also, I'm still working on the current list, but I intend to have some or most of them done by this month. Along with that, there are a couple of pics that I need to work on too. Anyway, commissions are open for people. The rules and guidelines are down below.

0 spots remaining.

Rules for Commisions:


*Point Commissions are closed from here on out!*

- Sketch: $3 for the 1st character / $1 for extra characters
- Refined Sketch (Inked): $5 for the 1st character / $2 for extra characters
- Colored & Inked: $7 "              " / $3 "                    "
- Backgrounds: $3 for a basic background (plains, deserts, etc.) / $5 for advanced backgrounds (cities, specific settings, etc.)

Comic Commission prices:

- Prices are pretty much the same as a normal commission.
- Panels for comic pages: $1 (per panel on each page)

Example: 1 comic page, 4 panels, 3 characters, basic background = $20

*You must note me about commissions!*

*You may have multiple commissions for your spot.*

*Only one commission spot per person (this applies to only each new commission set when they open).

*Comic Commissions will count towards only one spot as long as the page ideas fall under the same story details.*

*ALL comic pages will be in color.*

*Patience is a virtue and much appreciated. There might be some delays from time to time, but I do intend to complete the commissions regardless.*

Commission Spots*


- Reserved
- :iconalexwarlorn:
    > 2 colored commissions (in progress) (3 of 4 finished)
- :iconbeelzerider:
    > 2 colored commissions & 2 page comic commission (in progress) (2 of 4 finished)
- :iconzeo-fawx:
    > 6 page comic commission (in progress) (4 of 6 finished)


- :iconninetalesuk:
    > 4 sketch commissions
- :iconzeo-fawx:

- :iconarmorkabuto:
    > 2 colored commissions
- :iconannakatan:
    > 1 colored commission
- :iconlouiseugeniojr:
    > 1 colored commission
- Anonymous
    > 1 colored commission
- :iconkairoshi:
    > 1 colored commission

* Commissions will close once the last spot is taken! *



Rules for Art Trades:

- I'll accept 3 - 4 art trades total.
- Only three characters max are allowed.
- Backgrounds MUST be simple.
- You must send me a note with info about the Art Trade.
- I'll be choosing any 3 - 4 from the notes sent regardless of time they were sent.
- Don't complain if yours is not picked.
- Don't ask if your pic is complete. "Patience is a virtue."



Gift Pics (in progress)



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Hey Viral, just to give you a tiny heads up, since I liked the comission you did for me, I got a pic for you that I did during my breaks at work. I hope you like it.
ViralJP Featured By Owner 2 hours ago
Wow, thanks Alex. I'll have to take a look at it.
AlexRaccoonGlider Featured By Owner 1 hour ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I kind of felt bad because you do all this work for everyone and aside from cash, you hardly gain anything in return
coldroll Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014
Is the shadow and amy's family comic cancelled?
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Hope you had a great thanksgiving! :D
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May I ask a question?
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Hi :3 just wanted to.
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Why can't you draw the old Sonic Comic characters of your own free will?
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Are you gonna take up my commission?
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I hate to be a jerk. But where on the waiting list am I? 
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