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COMM The Final Moments of Ian St. John Pt.2 by ViralJP
COMM The Final Moments of Ian St. John Pt.2
Geoffrey St. John © Ken Penders
Ian St. John © Ken Penders
Sabre © Ken Penders
Aurora © Ken Penders
Ixis Naugus © Archie Comics

Commissioned by :iconlazyrayfinkle:.

This pic is a follow up to a commission from a while back titled "The Final Moments of Ian St. John." Sometime after Ian's tragic demise, Sabre stands in front of two graves on the outskirts of Albion. While the echidna gives his moment of silence, Ian looks upon his own grave now that he is within the realm of the afterlife. A light comes from behind the skunk and show itself to be some greeting apparition welcoming Ian to the other side. Before he accepts the hand of the entity, Ian looks back one last time, but this time he sees his son Geoffrey sound asleep. The now deceased veteran waves good bye to his son for a final time. As the warm light envelopes Ian upon his departure, a recognizable shadow looms over his son without notice.
Finished and posted commissions for :iconthunder-bolt:. Currently working on a commission for :iconlazyrayfinkle:.
COMM Sandwich'd by ViralJP
COMM Sandwich'd
Lupe Wolf © Archie Comics
Bolt © Thunder-Bolt
Dr. Dahlia Bat © me

Commissioned by :iconthunder-bolt:.

Bolt finds himself the center of attention with Lupe and Dahlia. The two ladies press their feet against the yellow hedgehog's cheeks while making flirting expressions on their faces. As for Bolt, the only expression he's showing is that of satisfaction and enjoyment.
COMM Scorn and Temptation by ViralJP
COMM Scorn and Temptation
Rouge the Bat © SEGA
Bolt © Thunder-Bolt
Dr. Dahlia Bat © me

Commissioned by :iconthunder-bolt:.

Bolt is seen carrying Rouge, and the bat thief toys with the yellow hedgehog a bit in the process. She does this in front of Dahlia and makes the doctor fume with anger and jealousy.
COMM Calm Sole by ViralJP
COMM Calm Sole
Bolt © Thunder-Bolt
Dr. Dahlia Bat © me

Commissioned by :iconthunder-bolt:

Bolt is giving Dahlia a relaxing foot massage. The two are seen in a grassy plain on a blanket with the sun setting in the back.


We need muffins! >:U
United States
A fellow artist amongst the masses.

Favourite genre of music: metal
Favourite style of art: Anime and manga
Favourite cartoon character: Foamy the squirrel
Hello everyone,

Commissions are open again, but I'll be having them open in small sets. For now, I have 7 spots open, but 3 are on reserve for :iconthunder-bolt:. That will leave 4 available for those interested until I'm ready to open more along the way.

Commission Prices:

- Color Commissions: $12 (1 character)/ $5 (per extra character)

- Outline Commissions: $8 (1 character)/ $3 (per extra character)

- Sketch Commissions: $5 (1 character)/ $3 (per extra character)

- Backgrounds: $5 to $7 (depending on the complexity of the background detail)

Comic Commissions:

- Same prices as the commissions above (color, background, character(s), etc.), but with the inclusion of panels for a comic page or more.

- Panels: $2 each

*You must note me about commissions!*

*You may have multiple commissions for your spot.*

*Only one commission spot per person (this applies to only each new commission set when they open).

*Comic Commissions will count towards only one spot as long as the page ideas fall under the same story details.*

*ALL comic pages will be in color.*

*Patience is a virtue and much appreciated. There might be some delays from time to time, but I do intend to complete the commissions regardless.*

Commission Spots*


- :iconarmorkabuto:
  > 2 colored commissions (in progress)


- :iconalexwarlorn:

- :icondreamman001:

- :iconarmorkabuto:

- :iconarmorkabuto:

* Commissions will close once the last spot is taken! *


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Hi ViralJP,
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ENAMCreator Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
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BluSniper21 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2016  Student Photographer
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